360 legal assistance

The Firm, to meet the needs of businesses, especially of small-medium companies, has studied a special “360 Legal Assistance” Service, through which it is able to provide legal advice:

  1. specialized, thanks to the consolidated experience gained in the various areas of business law;
  2. complete, as designed to meet all the main legal requirements of companies (see the list below), with the sole exception of litigation.
  3. efficient, timely, flexible and targeted, like that of any internal legal office;
  4. continuous, as designed to meet the various and different needs of the company over time;
  5. convenient, as it involves a fixed fee, thus allowing even small businesses to take advantage of qualified legal assistance.

Companies will thus be able to count on a law firm always at their disposal, to contact, at any time, in order to obtain clarifications, opinions, suggestions and to solve every need, without having to worry about costs.

The assistance that the Studio provides with the “360 Legal Assistance” Service covers, by way of example, the following subjects:

  • business contracts: identification of the type of contract most suited to the specific needs of the company, study and analysis of the relevant legislation, support in the pre-contractual phase and during negotiation, risk analysis, contract drafting, revision and updating of contracts;
  • compliance: analysis of the company, advice on compliance with the various regulations of interest of the company, in particular the privacy legislation (Legislative Decree 196/03), anti-money laundering (Legislative Decree 56/04), responsibility of legal entities (Legislative Decree 231/01), labor security (TU No. 81/08), update of new regulations.
  • labor law issues: assistance with regard to the establishment and termination of employment (subordinated and quasi-subordinate), restructuring and personnel reduction, dismissal, salary adjustment, mobbing, leaving incentives, disciplinary measures, demotion, and de-qualification.

Assistance in litigation is excluded from the scope of the “360 ° Legal Assistance” Service; if a company intends to contact the Firm in the event of a dispute, we will promptly provide it with an extremely competitive fee.

The cost of the “360 Legal Assistance” Service will be assessed and agreed, on a case-by-case basis, together with the Client, in relation to the specific business needs, quantitative and qualitative parameters. Based on this evaluation an offer will be formulated, which will indicate the fixed cost for the service.

The duration of the “360 ° Legal Assistance” service is annual. However, an initial consulting period of one month is envisaged, at a low standard cost; at the end of this period, the Client may decide to activate the Service or not.

In order to optimize time and costs, the assistance provided by this Service will mainly be carried out in a virtual and remote way, using modern communication systems and technological tools.

A professional of the Firm will however be available to visit periodically  the company, if this is appropriate and in any case during the initial phase of the activity, in order to better understand the real business needs.