A law firm for small and medium-sized businesses.

Pandolfini Law Firm is the result of an idea by Mr. Valerio Pandolfini, who, thanks to his experience, has chosen to organize it in an innovative and modern way.

Our Law Firm has been offering for over twenty years highly qualified assistance and advice in the field of business law. Our specific target is small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Our Firm is has a special expertise in the fields of franchising and pharmaceutical law, both on a professional and training point of view.

We cooperate with various internal and external consultants, in order to guarantee a prompt, punctual and efficient consultancy, in line with the legal developments that are incessantly affecting the business world.

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Studio Legale Pandolfini
Always with small and medium-sized businesses

Our business advice

The business world is constantly evolving. Increasing regulatory complexity requires companies to carefully assess all potential legal risks and comply with applicable regulations, to avoid civil and criminal consequences that could be devastating for their business.

Prevention is definitely better than cure. There is no business decision that should not be brought to the attention of an attorney.

It is therefore essential for companies to constantly confront with their legal consultant, in the area in which they operate.

The main objectives of our Law firm are the following:

  1. preventing legal problems through a careful analysis of the risks and critical issues related to each single business transaction;
  2. managing and solving the problems that have already arisen, to defend the interests of the company, both in court and out of court.
To achieve these goals, we have highly qualified and specialized technical knowledge.

In fact, legal business consulting requires specific and professional know-how – considerably different from that required for legal advice in favor of individuals – acquired through long experience in the field, alongside companies.

In order to work alongside the entrepreneur, our firm has gained an in-depth knowledge of the company organization, as only a vision from within the company dynamics allows us to provide effective and appropriate solutions.

In this context, we also take advantage of our experiences gained as internal legal consultants; in fact, such experiences, far more than an “outside” consulting of the company, create a real sensitivity for the problems of the company that is otherwise difficult to acquire.

Our values

  • Professionalism

    Entrepreneurs must focus on their business. For this reason they should have competent professionals to entrust with solving the legal problems that the operation of an enterprise presents.

    As far as our law firm is concerned, each of our Clients is given the highest standard of care and commitment, regardless of their size or the value of the practice.

  • Trasparency

    Transparency, in all its facets, is a primary value for our firm. We provide clear and unambiguous opinions and suggest to our Clients solutions and strategies without compromise, expressed in a clear, direct and immediate language.

    We always anticipate to our Clients a clear and detailed estimate of the time and legal costs that every consultation implies, before beginning our activity.

  • Efficiency

    We always take into consideration that the main need of companies is to find an adequate solution to the various problems with the utmost attention to investments in energy and money.

    In carrying out our consultancy, we explore all relevant legal implications, also considering the practical effect that they can produce on our Clients, in order to effectively meet our Clients’ specific needs.


  • Business contracts

    Our Law Firm has consolidated experience in consulting regarding internal and international business contracts. For many years we have been dealing with a targeted and specialized approach to negotiating, drafting and revising contracts functional to the various areas of business activity:

    – Production
    – Marketing and Communication
    – Distribution

  • Company law

    Our Firm has a solid experience in the field of company law, gained thanks to the professional activity carried out for over 20 years in favor of Italian and international companies and groups.

    In this context we offer assistance and advice:

    – in the phase of establishment of the companies;

    – in the preparation and modification of company statutes and shareholders’ agreements;

    – in proposing appeals to shareholders’ meetings and board resolutions;

  • Competition law

    We assist Italian and international Clients with reference to all aspects related to the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as in the field of trademarks, patents for inventions, designs and models, trade secrets and know-how, indications and geographical names of origin.

    In this context, our Firm provides specialist and high-quality consultancy in relation to:

    – management of administrative procedures for the registration of trademarks, patents, designs, models etc. at the competent national and international authorities;

  • Advertising law

    Our Firm assists companies by providing preventive advice regarding advertising campaigns (television ads, press campaigns, announcements, packages, prize transactions, etc.) before their launch, in order to verify their lawfulness and correctness in the light of the current regulations on competition, misleading and comparative advertising (including the Consumer Code, Legislative Decree No. 145/2007 and the Advertising Self-Regulation Code).

  • Company reorganization

    In the current economic and market situation, the business crisis is an event that unfortunately occurs frequently. In this difficult situation, the entrepreneur, in an attempt to save his business at all costs, can be induced to make precipitous choices, which aggravate the situation of corporate crisis, even to compromise his personal position. Our firm, thanks to our vast professional experience, is able to assist companies in crisis situations, helping them, through an objective assessment of the real company situation, to identify the most appropriate strategy and technical tool to face the crisis in a targeted and optimal way.

  • Litigation

    By virtue of the professional experience gained and the knowledge of the dynamics and needs of companies, we are aware that the primary need of Clients is to solve their legal problems efficiently, through a specific and balanced assessment of the times, costs and probability of success of a dispute.

  • 360° legal assistance

    The Firm, to meet the needs of businesses, especially of small-medium companies, has studied a special “360 Legal Assistance” Service, through which it is able to provide legal advice:

    1. specialized, thanks to the consolidated experience gained in the various areas of business law;
    2. complete, as designed to meet all the main legal requirements of companies (see the list below), with the sole exception of litigation.



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Business training

The Firm offers a training and legal updating service for companies both in the classroom and in-house.

In this context, the Firm has developed some standard training courses, specifically designed for companies, concerning company contracts, privacy legislation, administrative liability of entities, compliance in the pharmaceutical company.

At the Client’s request, courses on specific subjects can also be organized.

Professional training

Mr. Valerio Pandolfini has gained many years of experience as a lecturer in the area of ​​business law. He regularly holds conferences, masters, training courses and seminars in the sector, including IIR, LRA, Business International, Alma Laboris, FormaFutura.

He has been collaborating for several years with the School of Specialization for Legal Professions at the University of Milan. He is also particularly active in the field of distance learning (e-learning), in collaboration with some of the most well-known companies in the sector.

Our business advice
Prevention is better than cure

To take advantage of our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We will find together the solution that best suits your needs.


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